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Nationwide Kids Eat Free Restaurant Directory

Budgets are tight and prices are high, so we’ve decided to show you all of the places in your area where kids eat FREE (or almost free)! We will work hard to find the best restaurants where parents get a break, and kids eat free of charge. It may be on special nights or every night, but you can be sure that if kids eat free, Our Kids Eat Free will know about it and list it here.

Are you a Kids Eat Free Restaurant?

We have now become one of the largest Kids Eat Free directories in the United States. If you are a customer and know of another restaurant that offers a kids eat free day, please contact us. Kids Eat Free programs listed in this directory are subject to change without notice. PLEASE call ahead to verify offers are still valid.  While we try very hard to make sure our list is current and accurate, restaurants routinely change promotions and offers.

For Kids Eat Free Restaurants, our directory works as a powerful tool for attracting more customers. Find Kids Eat Free Restaurants Now »»